Areas of Interest

General Process Engineering

-Special interest in process control and deciding about appropriate control system

-Fully competitive in P&ID development, review, standard making, and protocol making

-Design of complicated hydraulic circuits like multi-service, multi-circuit pumps

-Hands-on experience in Safety valve design

– Highly skillful in Hazop meetings, pre and post activities, resolving issues and managing the closing-out process

-Chemical injection packages

Water & Wastewater Treatment

-Water chemistry: interpretation of water analysis reports, “validating” the reported concentrations.

-Filtration: single media, multimedia, different media (sand, anthracite, nutshell) process design, mechanical aspects of filters

-Sedimentation (clarifications)

-Ion exchange systems like WAC, SAC & their auxiliary systems like acid &  base preparation units and neutralization system

-Chemical precipitation systems especially lime softening & its auxiliary systems like lime preparation package

-Evaporator (mainly mechanical vapour compression type) and crystallizers

-Membrane systems including Reverse Osmosis (RO) Micro Filtration (MF),and Ultra Filtration (UF)

-ZLD concepts & their different arrangements