Unified Approach to Water and Waste Water Treatment


2 Days





Course Description

This seminar will present an introduction to water and waste water treatment and provide practitioners with the common conceptual knowledge of water and waste water treatment. As well, practitioners will learn to develop block and process flow diagrams for water/wastewater treatment to convert water quality from a specific water resource to a specific water/wastewater consumer.

This seminar also will review main water/wastewater parameters without going into the chemistry. Operations of water treatment units will be explained in plain English, and plenty of case studies and practical guides and rule of thumbs will be introduced to help participants.

The concepts covered are common for municipal and industrial water and waste water treatment systems.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Water and waste water Engineers in junior level (as their first step in the industry), experienced water and waste water Engineers (to organize their knowledge in a way to enable them to make decisions in new situations), Experienced Technicians in water and wastewater plants, other professionals in water and wastewater industry, Project Managers and Engineers, Planners.

Course Outline 

Day 1:

  • Introduction: Similarities and dissimilarities between Industrial water/wastewater treatment Municipal water/wastewater treatment
  • Water Resources(Surface Water, Underground Water, and Treated Wastewater) and water consumers
  • Water Parameters: Physical, Chemical (Organic, Inorganic), and Biological Parameters
  • Scaling or precipitating effects of water

Day 2:

  • Unit operations for removing impurities from water
  • Process development for water treatment
  • “Cook Book” approach: Rule of thumbs
  • Case Studies: Potable Water treatment, Municipal wastewater treatment, One industrial wastewater

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