Process Engineer, Independent Consultant 2012 to present

  • SAGD Project: 30,000 bbl/d(Debottleneck)

Sr. Process Engineer, CH2MHill, Calgary (Part time-Contractor) 2010 to 2011

SAGD Project: 90,000 bbl/d

  • Technical support
  • Attending totally around 40 days Hazop meetings

Lead Process Engineer, CH2MHill, Calgary 2008 to 2010

SAGD Project: 90,000 bbl/d

  • Handling all deoiling, water treatment, and evaporator areas issues in FEED and detailed stage as CH2MHill Process Lead
  • Manhour estimation and scheduling for the group
  • Responsible for mass balance, Corrosion issues (NACE 175/ISO) for the group
  • Designer of the main items in deoiling area: Skim tank, ORF

Sr. Process Engineer, JACOBS, Calgary 2006 to 2007

SAGD Project: 76,000 bbl/d

  • Handling all water treatment area issues in detailed stage as Area Lead
  • Preparing progress reports for water treatment group
  • Attending in bid clarification meetings and resolving issues with vendors

Process Engineering Specialist, Colt Engineering, Calgary 2004 to 2006

SAGD Projects: 35,000 bbl/d and 62,000 bbl/d

  • Handling water treatment and deoiling area issues in FEED stage (in two different projects)
  • Prepared 4 technical reports on different issues of water treatment in SAGD projects
  • Doing cost estimation for alternative water treatment systems
  • Doing mass balance in water area. Updating a spreadsheet with more than 80 columns for mass balance including all constituents of water
  • Process engineering support for detailed design: Line sizing, pump sizing, PSV sizing and data sheet preparation in De-oiling Area

Engineer, ABTAB MECHANIC CO. Iran 1996-2003

  • Supervised and coordinated mechanical activities in 400 m3/hr petrochemical complex wastewater treatment project (Including DAF, Biological treatment, and Sludge processing unit)
  • Reviewed and upgraded PFDs and P&IDs
  • Sized units and equipment such as clarifiers, IX units, aeration tanks, lagoons, filters, pumps
  • Designed a system for treatment of an edible oil extraction’s wastewater (Basic Design) with capacity 50 ton/day
  • Created and conducted a training course on “wastewater treatment in power plants” for power plant engineers (2day course)

Chemical Engineer, GHAREH SABZ Co. Iran 1994-1996

  • Installed and started-up first air quality monitoring station, with five analyzers (from initial stage to completion) for Municipality of Tehran.
  • Liaised with THERMO ELECTRON (USA) as instrument manufacturer for getting advice on installation, calibration, and troubleshooting
  • Performed calibration and trouble-shooting for air pollutants analyzers

Inspector, NATIONAL IRANIAN OIL COMPANY (Engineering & Construction Dept.)1992-1994

  • Supervised wastewater treatment plant construction in Arak Refinery (150000 barrel/day)
  • Checked vendor documents and drawings
  • Supervised sandblasting, painting, wrapping and insulation works
  • Inspected the aboveground(A/G) and underground (U/G) pipes

Important Decisions I made:

    • Electrical classification:

is a critical issue for water/wastewater treatment plumbs in the oil industry. From one side, in pure w/ww treatment plants usually areas are (electrically) unclassified and from the other side in oil & gas industries. Decision on electrical classification for w/ww treatment plants in the oil industry is a critical decision to make sure the decision is not over or under conservative.

  • PSV after regulator
  • De-rating a PSV size
  • Fire case or not fire case
  • Troubleshooting by pushing problem to the other units!
  • Equipment on emergency power ( ever electrical tracing)
  • Conceptual design of SIS loops in different levels, equipment, unit, plant.
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Decision making on mechanical detail of equipment & manufacturers
  • Sour or sweet
  • Water scaling: changing temp., Mixing stream