Services I Provide

Services I provide:

  • Cold eye review for PFD, P&ID, Mass balance
  • Attending in HAZOP meeting
  • Doing evaluations & writing studies & technical memo for specific equipment, unit, specific issues etc.
  • Writing mass balance for water streams
  • Doing design & sizing calculation for equipment
  • Coaching¬† of process engineers
  • Leading small to medium sized projects
  • Water Conservation Studies
  • Bid Evaluations preparation
  • Troubleshooting with or without presence on the fields
  • Writing of Equipment specification
  • Developing custom-made presentations for the purpose of training
  • Training Programs specially for operators

Studies I’ve done:

  • Sludge handling options
  • Evaluation of different drying technologies in ZLD system
  • Evaluation of different evaporation technologies in ZLD system
  • Different ZLD arrangements
  • Evaluation of process & mechanical details of WLS
  • Evaluation of process & mechanical details of IGF
  • Evaluation of process & mechanical details of skim tank
  • Technical memo on comparison of WLS vs. HLS
  • Single bed vs. multi bed filtration as after filter
  • Impact of recycle on BFW spec